Sunday, July 11, 2010


Dear friends,

I opened up the book Eat Pray Love, just for a quick preview before beginning the book tomorrow!  Sometimes, I can't help myself when it comes to reading!  The first thing I noticed was the quote that prefaces the text.  "Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth."  ~Sheryl Moller.

I wonder if this will be the beginning of the journey into myself...

...some truths about me...

*I love the sound of the rain at night 
*I enjoy love letters
*I eat ice cream almost every day
*I would rather eat on a paper plate than have the cleanup of fine china
*I like to go to bed late, and wake up late
*I'm the most creative at night
*I adore reading
*I'm trying to finish writing a novel...I'm almost done!!
*Music is my muse
*I pursue happiness =)
*I want to get married and have children someday
*Cheesy romance makes my heart flutter
*I love playing games that bring out my inner child
*I want to see the world
*I am proud of my baking skills
*I am a dog the max!
*I delight in the first firefly of summer
*I have a readable face, which makes it impossible for me to lie
*I blush easily
*I want to learn as much as I can about everything
*I want to love and be loved. . . for real next time.

Love Always,


Maria said...

All very true about you Amanda!'re back to staying up late :D
Don't forget Amanda,'s tough for us night owls when school starts !

~ ~ ~
We all love you sweetheart... but I know what kind of love you mean ♥

~ ~ ~
So glad you had fun this weekend!
Jason woke up late and just left for work... he's going to fill us in on the weekend tonight.
Call me later!
~love you~

Maria said...

ps. I love the rain photo! Where did you take that?
I love sleeping to the sound of rain too~