Thursday, July 8, 2010

music moves me

My Dearest Friends,

When I was younger, I used to play the flute and piccolo in band.  My conductor used to explain to us how music moves... it opens up and uses every section of your brain, which is often why students do better in school listening to music, it improves focus, and most especially creativity.  Nearly every time I write I listen to music--it is a beautiful muse.

On the way home from my sister's apartment I heard a song, for the second time, that moves my spirits.  Not, because it's some gorgeous symphony, in fact the music is very digital.  However, the lyrics are so uplifting to the feet, it made me want to get out of my car and go for a run or dance in the middle of the street!!! 

I throw my hands up 
in the air sometimes
sayin ayo!  gotta let go!

I wanna celebrate and live my 
l  i  f  e 
sayin ayo! baby let's go!

cuz we gonna rock this club
we gonna go all night!


we gonna 
light it up like
d y n a m i t e ! 

C E L E B R A T E 
L I F E !
all music moves me. .  . 
. . . does it move you?

Love Always,


Maria said...

Hi Amanda!
This is great! I don't really like digital music...but I know exactly what you mean about uplifting music.
and know how your mom LOVES to dance!
It does change my perspective and mood many times... and helps me clean the house :D
love you much ♥
ps. I love your hand in the sky!

Diana said...

I love music, especially when I clean! I listen to all types of music, whatever suits my mood at the time. This month it's been Jazz, it usually changes every month!
Love Di ♥

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Well yes, it does move me, Amanda. Especially uptempo music is so so sooooo uplifting!
Sending many warm Summer wishes your way for a happy Friday. Have a wonderful weekend too. xx