Thursday, July 15, 2010


My dear friends,

Have I mentioned how much I love the book Eat Pray Love?  Well, I LOVE this book!!!  Today, I read a part where Liz goes to a soccer game with her new friend Luca Spaghetti (which is surprisingly this guys actual name).  She said that she thoroughly enjoyed learning all of the Italian curse words like cafone which means asshole.  Cursing is something she would undoubtedly hear at a sporting event--at least in America this would hold true.  She learns most of these words, which she explains she wasn't learning in school, from the old man sitting near her.

She writes:  "Oh, it was such an exquisite and lucky moment in my life to be sitting right in front of this man.  I loved every word out of his mouth.  I wanted to lean my head back into his old lap and let him pour his eloquent curses into my ears forever.  And it wasn't just him!  The whole stadium was full of such soliloquies.  At such high fervor!  Whenever there was some grave miscarriage of justice on the field, the entire stadium would rise to its feet, every man waving his arms in outrage and cursing, as if all 20,000 of them had just been in a traffic altercation."  

This made me excited for the beginning of football season--a season I have come to love with great and intense passion.  Especially seeing as though I'm a Green Bay Packers fan!!!  This sport converted me to Verizon FIOS so that I could have the "red zone,"  and be privy to seeing EVERY touchdown during EVERY game!  Last year, I even started my own fantasy league!! Living in New York, I don't get all of of the Green Bay games, but I sit down in front of a Giants or Jets game with my laptop on the table watching the digital Packers field on update me in real time!!! Such a great invention!!! God, I love this sport!  And what sport could be better? Certainly there are none so great!

Love Always,

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Maria said...

Hi Amanda!
You have been working double shifts this week! And you still made time to write a fun post like this one!
I can remember a few "select" italian cuss words here and there growing up! Cafone WAS one of them!
I thought it meant 'fool' but I guess that's pretty close to the book's translation.
I just knew not to "be one!" LOL

Love those pics of you and Jason!
Football is not my favorite sport but I do like the last half hour of the Superbowl and realllly important games that you all are watching with great enthusiasm...
I just love cheering, I guess!
{not always really sure what I'm cheering about LOL}

Love you ~ talk tomorrow!
Bless your ♥