Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Darling friends,

I love how wonderful Eat Pray Love is.  There is something in nearly every "bead" that I want to share because her thought-provoking writing wanders my thoughts.

In her 39th bead Liz describes this Indian boy she meets at the Ashram where she studies.  She goes onto explain how he captured her attention and that she struggled to figure out what was so special about him.  She writes:  "Why was I so moved every time I saw his face--a face so drenched with luminescence it looked like he'd just come back from a long vacation in the Milky Way?  I finally asked another Indian teenager who he was.  She replied matter-of-factly: 'This is the son of one of the local shopkeepers.  His family is very poor.  The Guru invited him to say here.  When he plays the drums, you can hear God's voice.'"

"He who's face gives no light shall never become a star."  This passage reminded me of this very special quote that I love.  Having a face that gives off light, that is luminescent is very important... it draws people to you.  Light of any kind tends to attract, in general.  I started thinking about all of the experiences I've had where people have attracted me because of the light they give off, or have made me incandescently happy like an overdoes of endorphins--all because of this light.

...then I started thinking about my sister's wedding.  Part of the magic, and the effervescence that was contagious was the luminescence in her face.  She was on vacation in the Milky Way that day--and took us all with her.  

Be a light,


Maria said...

Hi Amanda...
I just got to comment on your previous post... will read this one in a few :o)

Diana said...

She most definitely looks RADIANT!!
I love this Amanda and it is so true. There are faces that just can't help but draw you in.
Love Di ♥

Anonymous said...

Aw i love your post!!! I'm glad our energy at the wedding gave off such a positive vibe! It's so funny, I actually JUST read that part of the book yesterday too, and the part about the boy really stuck out in my mind as well. This book is so awesome!! Thanks for recommending it =)

Maria said...

Hi Amanda!
You are right about "luminescence"
I remember telling Rachael many times... not to worry about the wedding details... The smile on her face will be her best accessory~

and it was ~

Love you* Mom