Friday, July 2, 2010

a birthday challenge

. . . oh, which way to go. . . life, oh beautiful life, where do you lead?!
I begin this new blog on the day of my birth.  The challenge is that for the next year, my 27th, I will write a journal of life.  At the end of the year, on the 2nd of July 2011, I will have a better appreciation for the life I lead and the choices I make.  I also think it a great way to document my teaching anecdotes that don't always make it to paper.

So, hellooooo 27... while I do not welcome you with open arms, or a warm heart, I challenge you. 

My Darling Friends,

     Being three years shy of thirty is no laughing matter, in fact, at closer examination it's scarier than hell.  I wonder how hard I will internally fight for the clock to slow it's ticking, as I get closer and closer to that dreaded age.  I stopped anxiously anticipating my birthday at the age of 21, though my inner child jumps for joy at the month of July willing me to be excited.  
      I have recently come to believe that your spirit stops aging. Mine stopped at seventeen.  I have felt my physical age move separately, since that year, as every new year has passed.  I am reminded often at the difference.  When I see the first firefly of summer burst into it's fabulous light and dance into the woods my heart leaps with effervescent joy!  Oh, summer!  I love you!  My favorite!  I am thankful for the age of my soul, but worry about how the difference between my spirit age and physical age will effect me when the gap is no longer ten years, but much much larger.  
     Though part of me aches to be a child again, I am curious to discover the wonders of the world, and what I have to offer life this next year... so, doesn't that in part make me a child of learning/life/discovery/adventure.  
    I welcome this new year with all of it's fun adventures--with family, friends, people who I love dearly.  A birthday is just a celebration of one year wiser, the beginning of a new entourage of discoveries =)  welcome new year, welcome!!!

Love Always,


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Happy Happy Birthday Amanda! I popped over from sweet sweet Maria. Good Luck on your challenge. What lovely idea! Will follow you, sure many more will do so too. Wishing you a happy weekend. xx

Maria said...

Hi Amanda!
Dad & I still go look for the field of fireflies every summer ~ they are magical!

You know our ♥ ♥'s will be together as family ~ always ~

No matter how many years pass... deep down... we all stay 20 :D

love you ~ Mom

Maria said...


Diana said...

If I missed your birthday, Happy Birthday! And if it helps any, I wouldn't want to be younger than I am right now. Each decade seems to get more and more interesting!
Love Di ♥