Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a letter to uganda

Dear friends,

Often in life we do things that help others: opening a door, smiling at someone, giving someone a hand with something, having a positive attitude in a bad situation (which happens to be my favorite).  Just as often we do things without ever knowing the impact of our actions--even sometimes the tiniest of acts can have the largest of impacts.  This is why it is with the utmost importance that we go through our days with joy at helping others through their life journey.  

One thing that I love participating in is child sponsorship through World Vision.
I sponsor four girls from all over the world:  Marcela from Chile, Riselda from Albania, Maria from Brazil and my latest sponsorship is Sawiya from Uganda.  

One of the greatest things about Sawiya is that Uganda allows packages, none of my other girls are able to receive anything larger than an envelope.  In the six years I've sponsored, I have only been able to write letters and put a sleeve of stickers or two in with my notes.  Sawiya is the first one I have been able to mail items to.  The day I sponsored her, which was the weekend before my sister's wedding, I drove to Target and bought a whole bunch of cute little girlie things to send her way.  I was overjoyed at buying these things for her, it boosted my spirits.  

In the box I placed:  two shirts, the one pictured here, and a yellow t-shirt with sequence on the shoulders, the hot pink skirt, a plaid dress, slippers, orange and pink flower bracelet, a package of underwear, two sets of flower stickers and a letter introducing myself to Sawiya as her sister in this life.

I finally was able to mail this package to Sawiya as well as a letter to Marcela (my first sponsor child) today!  I wish I could see her face when she opens them!  I hope it is "drenched with luminescence."  

Love Always,

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Maria said...

I love all the sweet little things you bought... and I'm sure she will love them. I am also certain that she will know that she is loved by someone far away ~ but very close in spirit ♥

What a blessing you are, Amanda ~
♥ Mom