Friday, July 23, 2010

passion fruit with a side of good life

Darling friends,

Last night, after my delicious dinner I was elated.  And, like One Republic sings "when you're happy like a fool let it take you over."  It was a beautiful night--the perfect state of warmness.  I threw on my new red sweatshirt from Gilly Hicks, jumped in my car, and raced to find an open Starbucks.  I was unsuccessful.  But, on this journey of happy joy riding I ended up behind a group of people in their Jeep, with the top down of course.  They had their hands in the air, clapping, and singing!  Joy rushed through me.  Oh life, you are good!  

The Starbucks across from Barnes and Nobel (a good fifteen minutes from my house) was closed at (9:00, it was 10:37).  How could it possibly be closed so early, I thought.  And then in a state of complete irrationality I drove the fifteen minutes down the road to the other one in my area .  It too was closed.  On my way to the second Starbucks, I was again behind a beautiful reminder of life.  The car in front of me had a bumper sticker that said "remember who you wanted to be."  This, naturally, got me thinking.

hmmm. . . who did I want to be?  Ballerina.  Atmospheric Scientist.  Actress.  Astrophysicist.  Film Editor.   Housewife. Teacher.  Writer.  I think always a writer.   The rest, they were like distant beats in vacant chambers of my soul tempting me to remember.  Pick me.  Remember?  You wanted me once.  A long, and not so long time ago.  But, now. . . now, I want to be everything--which is perhaps why I am a writer.

So here I am, today, in the early evening (when I knew it would be open for sure) sitting at a wooden Starbucks table, sipping a venti iced passion fruit tea, and writing.  I am freezing because the air conditioning in here is ridiculous.  Though, I am enjoying every minute of it.  

Today, I remembered that first and foremost I am a writer.

Love Always, 

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~Chris said...

Hi Amanda.... I try to remember that first and foremost I am ..... a parent.... well maybe some other things too. ;<)

love you ~ my daughter ... Dad