Tuesday, July 13, 2010

creative flare

Dearest Friends,

I'm taking a professional development class, at the school where I teach, through the esteemed Columbia University.  It is a class on writing.  My favorite!!

One of the BEST things about the Columbia Reading/Writing project is that they teach awesome methods through modeling.  So, I get to be a student this week.  Naturally, learning about writing I needed to keep a writer's notebook.  

My homework tonight:  decorate my writer's notebook!!!  Apparently it improves your writing and gets creative juices circulating. I added flare!!! 

I laughed at this assignment because as a student I would spend days procrastinating my writing assignments.  I worked the best under pressure and late, very late at night!  The night before my papers were due I would spend an hour or two decorating a cover page before beginning, at times, fifteen page term papers.  

I guess all along it was part of my writing process.

Love Always, 


Diana said...

Well it looked like a fun assignment! One that you seemed to be well prepared for, LOL!!!
Love Di ♥

Maria said...

Hi Amanda!
I smile when you write :D
You are so truthful ♥
and so it brings back all the memories...

Just like you remember my sewing late into the night...
I remember your typing late into the night ~~~
Love you ♥ mom