Wednesday, July 21, 2010

manis, and pedis, and crazy ladies . . . oh my!

Dearest darling friends,

Cassandra text messaged me late this morning "you want to get manis/pedis?"  YES!!! I've been thinking about how deplorable the red toe polish looks for days.  We haven't gone to get pampered since before my birthday--before I started this blog.  I'm kind of tired of looking at red toe polish, I thought.  YES!!! LET'S GO!!!

We were both running late =) but got there at the perfect time.  It was packed, but we were seated right away.  Two or three minutes later a 57 year old woman with bleached blonde hair sat down in the only vacant pedicure chair left--the one next to Cassandra.  I was in the seat on Cassandra's other side.  She was visibly on her way to the gym, and was from some borough of the city.  She huffed as she collapsed into the cushy chairs, and turned to us.  "Men, they are all the same," she began... and proceeded not take a breath for the remainder of the time she was in her chair.  She complained bitterly about the lack of sex she was having with her current boyfriend, and went into disturbing, explicit detail of her intimate life with this man--whom I feel as though I know very well after listening to her.  

She just wanted to fix him.  Isn't that the terminal problem of most women.  We find these lost souls, these "bad boys", and want to aid in their discovery of the right way to live.  Why can't we realize that we are better than that, and deserve better than that?  Why do we stay in toxic relationships for too long? Why do we want to fix the world?  These were some of my thoughts in-between the thoughts that were of sheer embarrassment for this woman who was exposing her VERY personal life to two young strangers.  But, she was a character in life I will never forget... 

Another thought I had was how wrong television is in their portrayal of male and female sexuality.  How obviously wrong they are.

Cassandra and I left the nail salon a little more but, with a good laugh, and matching toe and finger nails.  =)  A little pampering goes a long way!!! 

Love Always,


Maria said...

Pretty toes
Pretty hands
Sweet smiling faces

So glad you had a nice day together...
{with a wee bit of 'education' on the side}

Talk to you Soon!
Love always ♥

Diana said...

I promise you Amanda, If we every meet in person, I shall skip the intimate details, LOL!!!!
Love the color, very SUMMER!!!
Love Di ♥