Saturday, July 17, 2010

near sigthtedness

Dearest friends,

I just got my glasses prescription renewed on Tuesday, and got the call from BJs that my new glasses came in.  I went to pick them up excitedly...because they are so pretty.  I love the intricate design around the lenses--almost like wrought iron.

I started thinking about sight...
While my prescription is for my far sighted inability (ironically similar to my life), my "near sightedness" --that is, near to my heart-- I am working on too.  seeing without the eyes is just as important.  Having the ability to look into yourself and focus--allowing what is blurry and obscure to come into view and clarity is crucial to our own inner survival.  

Elizabeth Gilbert is my own inner-optometrist.  Her life-story is opening clarity into my own.

Love Always,

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Maria said...

HI Amanda!
Pretty, pretty glasses!
Yes, as your grandfather always says... "Know who you are" and all else falls into place ...
How's the heat over there? I hope it's getting cooler...
We've had a huge thunderstorm here... we got home 5 minutes too late to take my clothes off the line... the electricity went out twice... candles are lit just in case they go out a third time!
love you lots ♥