Monday, July 5, 2010


My dearest friends,

I was poolside today with my cousin, Sarah.  It felt great relaxing and letting the sun kiss my skin, feeling the vitamin D just seeping into my pores.  I really honestly think that my body was made for this kind of devastatingly HOT weather.  Most people sweat just standing in their own skin, but me, I live for this summer swelter.  

At night, the windows are wide open, the peepers a buzz with gossip outside.  Sometimes, I lay in bed and smell the burning of summer wood, and can taste the smores in my mind.  What a love affair I have with this season!!

Yesterday, I was lakeside with my parents, and admired my bright red pedicure against the bluest of blues...sipping blueberry iced tea.  And I thought, this is the life. 

but, I'm just missing one thing... 

Love Always,


Maria said...

Hi Amanda!
You did not get that from me!
Nothing over 75...

So glad you're having a great time visiting ♥
love you much ~Mom

Diana said...

I envy people such as you Amanda! I would love to be able to tolerate the heat so well! I would be in heaven. I'm like your mom in that respect, nothing over 75 please!!!
I actually like winter!!
Love Di ♥