Saturday, July 10, 2010

a long island ice tea!

My dear friends,

Sometimes shopping is the perfect thing to do on a perfect day!

I went to the mall to have my eyebrows waxed yesterday. . . and decided to quickly stop into Macy's--see if I could find a cute dress for the Dominican Republic (where I will be going in October for Kim's wedding).  
I nearly literally bumped into my friend, Diana and her mom, who were also shopping.  We tried on so many dresses, and it was a BLAST!  Her mom found this amazing sexy black dress that I am proud to say that I purchased for a very on sale price, and will be bringing to the Caribbean!!!

We then, went to a bar at the mall and had a couple Long Island ice teas, talked, and laughed, laughed and talked for a few hours!  

When I left, I immediately ran up to Barnes & Noble to purchase Eat Pray Love.  I can't wait to start the journey to the center.

What a good life!!!

Love Always,


koralee said...

Oh that book is amazing! You will love it.
Adore your dress..but really you would look good in a paperbag my friend.....happy weekend. xoxo

Maria said...

Wow Amanda! That dress looks amazing on you! I love the beading on the shoulder!
... How wonderful it is for me to know that you have such dear friends {and their moms} where you live!

Looking forward to visiting you soon... I love spending time in your neck of the woods and those long lazy mornings in your apt. :D
{hugs n kisses}

Diana said...

The dress is beautiful on you! And aren't those impromptu meetings the best?! Love Di ♥