Friday, August 13, 2010

me. . . a chef?!

dearest friends,

Most of you already know that I absolutely love to cook.  It is one of my favorite things to do, and bring me a great deal of inner joy.

I decided in my quest to find God, to start by discovering him on my plate of food.  This may seem silly, but it's the place where I find myself happiest.  

Yesterday morning, Sarah, suggested I look into taking a cooking class, since I love this fine art.  One of the Culinary Institute of America's campuses is near where I live.  So, I looked into one there.  They have classes for "food enthusiasts," which I suppose I must be.  They have "boot camp," a two to five day intensive immersion into the world of cooking.   And, they also have weekend classes.  I decided to start small.  Weekends sound nice.  I took a look at their course selection and decided on "Gourmet Meals in Minutes."  I cannot wait!!! I'm hoping to learn some valuable skills!!! They serve you lunch, you learn to cook, and I get to take home an apron and their cookbook.  yay!

Love Always,

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Diana said...

Well Amanda I wish that I could share your enthusiasm for cooking. It's just not my thing, I can cook well but just don't care for it!

But this sounds like something that you will really enjoy. And who knows, after the weekend class you may want to take some more!

Have lots of fun, Love Di ♥