Wednesday, August 4, 2010

cupcakes and sprinkles

Dearest friends,

I love being home.  I adore everything about it.  The smell of my parents house--inviting and welcoming.  The sight of the enormous crabapple trees symmetrically on each side of my parents house.... and the beautifully quaint village I pass through that welcomes me there.  My soul sighs I love this place as I take each bend in the road on my way there.

Yesterday, mom and I frosted cupcakes together in preparation for a dinner with my grandfather and Anne.  It was such fun girl time.  My mom makes the BEST homemade frosting, you can't help allowing each finger to take a turn sneaking a bit to lick out of the bowl =).  We took turns using her fancy icing swirl and shaking pink and orange sprinkles on top. 

Frosting cupcakes with my mom is a special treat that I cherish.  I love the close relationship we have, the stories we tell, the laughter, spreading icing on each other's faces.  It's such a joyful experience.  I also adore how excited, with child-like enthusiasm mom frosts these cupcakes--and especially the little white doily she creatively places the finished cupcake into.  What a lovely prelude to a wonderful evening with family...

Later, dad grilled shish kabobs.  We sat around and visited--catching up and relaxing.   I love being surrounded by family, like being wrapped up in the warmest blankets in the wintertime, or eating comfort food.  My family is one of my greatest blessings.

Love Always,

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Diana said...

Awww, I'll bet your mom cherishes your visits as well! The cupcakes look irresistible! Love Di ♥