Sunday, August 1, 2010

laura comes to visit

Dearest friends,

One of my favorite things ever to do is host!  I love it when people come to my house to visit.  And this weekend, I got to do just that!!

On Thursday, one of my best friends from high school, Laura, text messaged me asking what I was doing this weekend.  "Not too much," was my response.  I was thinking maybe I'd read or write for a bit and that's all I had planned so far.  She wanted to know if I wanted company from Saturday to Sunday!  YES!  

So, Saturday around 3:10 I got the call from Laura telling me she had arrived!!! YAY!!!  We had such a lovely visit!  I haven't seen her in so long, so it was a much needed "catch-up" time.  We went immediately to an early dinner at Double O Grill, which is an amazing restaurant in my area.  It's so delicious.  I always get the bbq ranch chicken salad!  I don't even look at the menu anymore.  When we came back, we chatted and chatted about boys (haha of course), relationships and her wedding planning, friends, and family, and our upcoming reunion visit at the end of August.  Then, we decided to play two rounds of the game of Life, one of my favorites, and watched the movie "License to Wed."  

Chino and Mr. Darcy had so much fun snuggling!  Laura said they must know she needed "dog cuddle time."

This morning, we went to the best bagel shop in town, where they make their own homemade bagels!  Then, she continued on her way to visit her family, and I took Chino and Darcy for a walk on the bridge and home for a nice (not for them) bath! 

What a great weekend!!!

Love Always,

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Maria said...

So very glad you and Laura had a sweet weekend ♥
I'm cleaning like crazy over here...can you tell
been procrastinating all morning!
thanks for helping me procrastinate :D

Chino and Darcy will surely provide lots of entertainment...

love you much ♥ mom