Saturday, August 7, 2010


Dear friends,

Sarah and I went to Wegmans for lunch today.  I LOVE WEGMANS!!!! Everyone who lives near a Wegmans always talks about how amazing this store is.   I had never experienced it until visiting Sarah.  It is the best grocery store I've ever been to--and actually, it's more like a grocery experience.  The last time I went to Wegmans I "had to try their subs while I was there," Sarah said.  I did, but I didn't order their sub sauce, instead I got my sandwich with regular spicy mustard.  So, this time...I got my ham and swiss  with their Wegmans' sub sauce--it was soooooooooo amazing!!! Mouth watering amazing!!! Then, I went down their bulk candy isle like a kid and got salt water taffy!  YUM!!! 

Love Always,

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Maria said...

you two must have so much fun!
Things are all set here for Nonno... we got Nana's transport chair for him to use... he said it would be a good idea!
travel safely dolly ♥
love you ~ Mom